Hizumi - Umbrella


It's been a while!
but I thought today was pretty appropriate, two years ago today my best friend tried to get to my house before I got home from work so she could make sure I was okay. I'll never forget that kindness, nor the news that D'espairsRay after a hiatus decided to go their separate ways.

D'espairsRay is no more but I'm grateful none of them have disappeared completely.

Although I don't think I'll ever love a band as much as I loved them, that probably sounds stupid but it is how I feel.
There are still bands around now that I like and follow, but I don't think I will ever feel as sad about their disbandment as I did D'espa.

Well enough of that - what have I been up to since last being here?
I've finished my 2nd year of Japanese Studies and come September the 1st I will be an exchange student in Japan. I will be attending Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo.

I'm excited and terrified.

I've been waiting seven years for this - so I guess I'm worried that it won't live up to the expectations I have. Equally I'm terrified that my Japanese is not good enough, but passing everything I've done so far should tell me I'm okay!

anyway, is anyone still around on here? xD

I'm missing all my mania friends today!

I'll never forget 18.07.09 and 22.11.10.


Hizu -Reedemer-


Saw someone say that they think the D'espairsRay fanbase is one of the best.

I agree! I don't think I've ever had any trouble with any D'espa fans over the years.
We are all laid back and respectful of others.

and at the heart of it,
We love D'espa no matter what.
They may be disbanded but we still believe in their future.
and wish them all the hope for it.

I love you all D'espairsRay fans
and I love you, D'espairsRay.

Versailles -Yuki-

[This all makes me want to sew something]

I got distracted today when doing research for my English module when searchng for Alice in Wonderland related things I came across 妖精帝國.

I'm loving the harder sound and to me she sounds a little like Kanon Wakeshima xD

Then I came across Frantic EMIRY. Daisystripper's alter ego? I'll be honest I don't like Daisystripper but I love the sound and gothic look FE have - I would LOVE one of their outfits D8

-Urges to make something overwhelming-



And this folks is part of my hair dyeing process !!
Cause I'm re-colouring most of my hair purple again I'm gonna leave it in over night for a better colour 8D

Although I look like a twat cause my head is all cling-filmed.
All i need is for the Fire alarm to go off in Clive Booth Hall and I'm  doomed to look stupid in front of many people ha ha!

Today was really fun!
I've made some good friends this year, and it's only today that I really realised that yes we are all good friends now. That probably sounds weird ha ha - but I didn't really consider them real friends in some weird way. But we all get along so well, and make each other laugh.

And when one friend realised how little money I had she gave me some food she has in her cupboard which she was unlikely to ever use :3 RICE PUDDING FTW. 

They are all so nice and kind ^___^

Today we went into an estate agents to book some viewing for housing for next year!
6 Bedroom house!

It's gonna be insane.
 I seriously cannot wait !!


Although this weekend in my hall is fun cause the people either side of me are not here!
So I can be as loud as I want! HA HA 8D

MASSIVE cravings to watch D'espa's Liquidise DVD and Girugamesh's Crazy x3 DVD.
Maybe I shall do this tomorrow :3